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What does your CLIENT see that sets you apart?

Complete 3D Imaging
Get the complete picture of your property VIRTUALDRONE®
Show distinct boundary lines with Geofencing.
Web Based 3D
Get your property online with no special software.

3D Mapping

DownLink Aviation can create stunning, real-life 3D animations of your topographically rich property. Trying to explain geography with just photographs and videos is very challenging. Communicate your information to your client clearly using 3D mapping technology. Don't settle for screen-captured images and cell phone photographs - your clients expect more.


  • Quickly communicate property information
  • Include roads, property lines, fence lines etc
  • Define surrounding areas in detail
  • No additional hardware or software needed

Web Based 3D

Use thepower of the internet to show off your property to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. By creating feature rich HTML5 and Java verions of your 3D mapped area, DownLink Aviation can showcase your property in a full 3D environment. The use can zoom, rotate, and save images all from their normal browser window. No special software required.


  • Fully compatible on Mac or PC
  • Easily deliverable by email, text, or sharing methods
  • No addition hardware
  • No additional software

3D Interactive PDF

Take your 3D mapped property with you, or send it to clients. It can all be done comfortably from inside Adobe Acrobat Reader™. Within the new Adobe Reader, you can perform a multitude of tasks never before imagined.


  • Fully rendered 3d terrain model
  • CAD capabilities
  • Lighting
  • Section
  • Measurements

Advanced Geofencing

The biggest challenge in airborne imagery is defining property boundaries in a manner that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. with the advanced Geofencing capabilities of VIRTUALDRONE® you can now communicate, and visualize your information in seconds and clearly communicate it to your client.


  • Clearly defines property boundaries
  • Define roads, landmarks, business, etc.
  • Highlight areas of interest
  • Remove/suppress unrelated adjoining areas


Order your 3D mapping package now. Licenses Real Estate Agents will recieve special pricing during our introductory period.

Put VIRTUALDRONE® to work for you today.